Zeetta Networks Q+A: private 5G networks

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Zeetta Networks is providing innovative capabilities in the provision of integrated 5G/Wi-Fi network management solutions, in their active work in the 5G-ENCODE project in manufacturing. We spoke to their CEO and Co-Founder Vassilis Seferidis about the work that Zeetta Networks is doing on network slicing and splicing in the context of enterprise private 5G networks. 

How would you define network splicing and slicing and what has changed that enables you to do this?

The technology of network slicing and splicing is very much related to network virtualisation and software defined networking. Network slicing is a concept that has been around since the inception of 5G. 

See full article here: https://stlpartners.com/telcocloud/zeetta-networks-qa-network-slicing-and-splicing-with-private-5g-networks/

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