Building value through experience

Bloc’s approach has been developed over decades in engineering, investment, and M&A. This gives us unrivalled insight into technology and a unique approach to managing investments. We’ve collectively made £500m+ of deep tech investments and achieved $6bn+ of exits.

Foundations of the future

We invest in companies that can provide meaningful returns for shareholders and possess truly innovative technology that could re-define the future of enterprise. This spans across four key pillars of technology: Cloud, Connectivity, Data science and Security.

Specialist investors

The Bloc investment approach is driven by our own, in-house research. With a detailed understanding of the technology, we’re able to truly assess the product, market size and team capability of companies. We become experts in the sectors we invest in.

Decades in deep tech

Since the 1980’s our team has been engineering, building and investing in deep tech companies of global success. Through transactions at Arm and Vodafone, we built relationships with the most innovative and powerful companies in the world. We use our network and experience to help portfolio companies succeed.

Multi-stage investment

By having a company structure, we can invest from our balance sheet over the long-term and throughout the startup growth journey. Our shareholders benefit directly from our understanding deep tech companies. Entrepreneurs benefit from permanent capital.