Building the foundations of the future

We back teams tackling complex, science-based challenges. Typically, we focus on cloud, connectivity, data science and security. We are engineers by trade, so we’re interested in your technology, your team and the market you’re entering.

Data Science

Data science covers the platforms, sensors, devices and analytics that create and extract valuable data. These technologies are becoming as important to business as the internet. They rely on all the other pillars to exist but could radically alter them all once fully harnessed.


The Cloud’s computing power, lower implementation risks and attractive storage costs are enabling innovative startups to be disruptive and bring new, lower cost ways of doing things to market, faster than ever before. Startups in this space have an incredibly large opportunity in front of them and those that succeed become very valuable.


Addressing the more-for-less paradigm of next generation communications. Network infrastructure and device technology which can reduce ownership cost for the operator and at the same time meet the customer demand for ever increasing mobility and ubiquity. With our team’s background at Vodafone, we pride ourselves on providing invaluable support to entrepreneurs.


Cybercrime is growing. Tougher firewalls, rigorous policing and strict policy enforcement are insufficient and increasingly unaffordable. Enterprise security breaches are on the increase, from inside and outside, aggravated by the trend of bring your own devices. Companies which can build security systems that are equipped to protect us are pivotal to the future.

A team of operators

Collectively we’ve got over 120 years of operational experience in industry and our team include engineers, product managers and marketers. We use this to provide hands-on support for entrepreneurs with global ambition.

Invaluable relationships

While at Arm and Vodafone, our leadership team has built relationships with the most innovative companies in the world through both commercial and financial transactions. This allows us to build a benevolent environment for our portfolio to engage with the industry.

Deep understanding

Research drives our decision making. The Bloc team produces in-house research on the areas of innovation and markets we’re investing in. By doing so, we’re equipped with the knowledge to truly partner with and support startups.

Focused on the long-term

Bloc is structured differently to most VC investors. Through our model, we can invest from Seed to Growth stage and so we’re with you all the way through your journey. We’re committed for the long-term and look for entrepreneurs with the same mindset.

Pitching to Bloc

Most of our investments come from our relationships or research. But we’re always open to meeting companies outside those channels. Before getting in touch, we’d like you to understand our investment focus and make sure we’re the right investor for you.