YellowDog featured in the FT on generative AI

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‘Big Tech companies use cloud computing arms to pursue alliances with AI groups.’

YellowDog’s CEO Tom Beese was featured in the FT this week as he spoke to a journalist on the rise of generative AI and natural language models, with special focus on the impact on compute requirements and partnerships with compute providers.

The YellowDog platform enables AI companies to reduce cost by up to 90% and remain flexible by adopting a multi-cloud strategy, accessing compute resource from all major providers.

Here is the excerpt: Cloud management company YellowDog, which helps customers switch between cloud services, says it knows of several alliances between nascent AI companies that have yet to launch products and cloud providers, made at a stage when they are willing to tie themselves to a supplier and give up equity. “Some academics that want to move into their own start-up, their first conversation is with cloud providers before they even recruit developers because they know it’s impossibly expensive. It’s key,” said Tom Beese, chief executive of Yellow Dog.

The full article can be found here:

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