Multi-cloud management platform provider Yellowdog wins Finance Challenge award

YellowDog, the multi cloud management platform, has won the ‘People’s Choice award’ and placed 3rd overall in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019.

The UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019 was delivered in collaboration with Deloitte. It brought together 40 Fintechs that were selected from over 400 who applied from across the world.

In the ‘Foundation Setting: Technology Enablement’ category, YellowDog’s ability to change the way that financial institutions can scale, control, and optimise data processing and simulation was recognised with both the ‘People’s Choice award’ and the 3rd place finish.

YellowDog CEO and Founder Gareth Williams, and CCO, James Stevens were in New York this week to present as part of the UBS Future of Finance Challenge and accept the awards when they were announced.
Williams said: “This award is one that will certainly stand out because none of the many that we’ve won to date have been decided by C-level executives in a major Tier-1 international bank; and we were up against some stiff and impressive competition.

“YellowDog’s class-leading solution for multi- and hybrid-cloud management continues to evolve and this award is a fantastic acknowledgement of how our product solves the needs of these key customers. We’re very happy!”