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Powered by Bloc portfolio company EVRYTHNG, Ralph Lauren launched the apparel industry’s first mass-scale digital activation of its entire Polo apparel line. Every item Born Digital.

EVRYTHNG, the real-time internet-of-things software platform, is managing data infrastructure and product digitisation of Ralph Lauren’s Polo clothing range. Product labelling is being handled by EVRYTHNG partner Avery Dennison. As a result each individual item maintains a unique digital identity that corresponds to the physical product. This allows Ralph Lauren and all of its customers to gain true transparency and authenticity. With an annual product volume of over 200 million product items produced by hundreds of third party manufacturers, this is no small feat.

The digital benefit will need to be marketed and communicated to consumers, but once achieved will bring previously unavailable control of the resale market, recycling initiative, and real-time ownership and loyalty programmes. 
Digital Identities map the entire life-cycle of a product in what Niall Murphy, cofounder and CEO of EVRYTHNG calls a “transparency goal”. This includes product material, type of labour, factory location, and intended distribution channel. 
EVRYTHNG published a case study on the project which can be downloaded here.

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