New Highly Optimised LDPC Decoder in Software for Intel’s FlexRAN Reference Software Will Increase Throughput by up to 3X

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Channel Coding Software Increases Network Power Efficiency and Reduces Latency

AccelerComm, the company supercharging 5G with Optimisation and Latency Reduction IP, today announced they have developed a highly optimised LDPC software decoder in collaboration with Intel. 

The solution is integrated into the Intel’s FlexRAN Reference Software resulting in increased throughput by up to 3 times over alternate implementations. The LDPC decoder benefits from a combination of optimised architectural and algorithmic enhancements and use of the powerful Intel Architecture and Intel Advanced Vector Instructions 512 (Intel AVX512) instruction sets. The AccelerComm LDPC implementation takes advantage of these capabilities on Intel Xeon Scalable processor and with fewer cores delivers performance within 0.1 dB of Intel’s SDK module. FlexRAN is a reference architecture developed by Intel to implement virtualised Radio Access Networks which can be deployed on any part of the wireless infrastructure from edge to core.

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