Our Story

Bloc was founded by Bruce Beckloff and David Leftley, who previously led venture capital investment at ARM and Vodafone respectively, having moved over from engineering roles. Alongside Bruce at ARM was Michael Dimelow, who was VP of Strategic Business Development and is now CCO at Bloc.

Collectively, our team has invested over £500m in deep tech startups and produced exits totalling more than $6bn. Our careers have taught us that deep tech startups need investment partners who have strong operational experience and are focused on long-term outcomes. So, we created Bloc.

Unlike most VC investors, we structured Bloc as a permanent capital company, allowing us to invest for the long-term and bring our investors onboard as shareholders. Bloc has been investing since 2013 and we’ve met countless entrepreneurs that have blown us away.

Technology is in our DNA. Our team has been building deep tech for decades, from broadcast technology to semiconductors and early mobile devices to radio antenna. Now we invest in people that are smarter than us and are building the technology foundations of the future.

We’re passionate about the technology being developed today that will change the next decade and beyond. We look for solutions that are being built deep in the technology stack; this is what we call deep tech.

Through our careers, we’ve built strong relationships with some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies. This allows us to not only understand their priorities for the future but also introduce our portfolio direct to the boardroom.

We’re always looking for entrepreneurs, investors and co-investors innovating deep in the technology stack. If that’s you, send us a deck, an email, or a message on social media.

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