Investment Manager / Director

We are looking for an ambitious and deep tech savvy, early-stage investment professional. Your primary responsibility will be to ensure that Bloc Ventures identifies, invests in and scales up the category leading deep tech companies. The ideal candidate will have experience of working within the deep tech ecosystem, ideally having sourced and invested in businesses that have scaled beyond a Series B. Bloc seeks to grow our fund and balance sheet assets such that we can achieve 25% growth in NAV per year.

Reporting to the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), you will be well connected in both the venture and corporate investment scene. The founders you have backed and the investors you have worked with will talk favourably about your work and will be glad to call you a partner. Bloc’s investment committee comprises of three executive team members who each have three votes on an investment proposition. All investment decisions are made by that group based on a rigorous and collaborative investment process. 


  • Help to identify the best founders and investment opportunities by partnering with angels, Seed funds and Growth investors both in and out of the Bloc network. By building and leveraging these key relationships we are more likely to see i) the best opportunities and ii) position Bloc as the go to long term deep tech investment partner
  • Lead investment opportunities through our process, making use of all available in-house research and remain impartial towards the opportunity. The ultimate decision will be the Bloc Executive Committee (i.e. IC) and the most compelling investment cases will attract funding
  • Maximise the value creation opportunity for all Bloc Ventures portfolio companies through our team’s experience, knowledge and network. Taping into our network can further amplify our reach and presence. We should always seek to stand on the shoulders of giants and avoid trying to be the smartest person in the room
  • Write compelling investment memorandums, attract the attention of ambitious and capable founders, be a custodian of our investment and portfolio management process, remain focused on value creation and be a capable ambassador for Bloc when facing all our stakeholders.

Priority tasks:

  1. Investment identification and selection
    • Participate in the review of over 250 opportunities p.a.
    • Lead the development of cases for circa 25 qualifying opportunities p.a.
  2. Lead 3-5 investment opportunities through to a successful conclusion.
    • Term sheet
    • SHA
    • Milestones and portfolio management plan
  3. Portfolio management
    • Report progress against portfolio management plan at monthly EC meetings
    • Represent bloc as an observer on startup boards
    • Diligently act upon your delegated responsibilities
    • Recognise that the IC is responsible for the capital allocation plan and investment decisions (new and follow on)
    • Participate in quarterly portfolio reviews and create the narrative and numerical reporting to our investors.
  4. Fundraising
    • Support the fundraising process
    • Nurture future investor relationships


  • Salary: £75,000-120,000 dependent on experience
  • Carry share of the 20% total deeptech_one fund pool
  • Bonus: up to 25% of salary based on agreed goals
  • Equity: Growth Shares in Bloc Ventures Limited
  • Pension, life insurance and health insurance

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